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We present our 3rd generation of central engines for bicycles. The new CicloTEK CTX engine is lighter, more powerful and all in a smaller size. An important novelty includes a pedaling sensor (PAS) + a torque sensor (TORQUE), and its new software. Instant power delivery and proportional to the effort (with TORQUE sensor information). INVALID ENGINE FOR OFF ROAD USE

445,00 EUR
(VAT included)

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CTX central motor of 250 watt. (Suitable for public roads)

  • Less weight an size (3,6)
  • Greater free distance to the ground, once installed on the bicycle.
  • More robust, larger sprockets.
  • Silent: Helical internal pinions. 
  • Torque sensor + pas + speed, more efficient control algorithm.
  • 250 watt.
  • 36v. compatible with the wide range of CicloTEK batteries
  • Compatible with the full range of accelerators CicloTEK
  • Impressive Torque (80 nm.) An authentic climber. 
  • Available with plates of 42 and 46 pinions (optional).
  • Sensors for brake INCLUDED
  • Optional color screen.
  • Output for integrated lights.
  • Technology: Brushless geared.
  • Nominal voltage: 36v.           
  • Limited maximum speed (25Km / H) *
  • Maximum speed without limitation depends on the used pinion and the pedaling power. In normal configuration more than 35 km / h
*La limitaciůn se puede modificar de 0 a 70 km/h
  • Nominal power: 250 watt. Continue 350
  • Maximum power: 600 Watts
  • Maximum torque 80 n / m (of the highest in the market)
  • Weight: 3.6 Kg. 
  • Dish: 42/46 T
  Pantalla LCD niveles de asistencia

C500 or C800 LCD screen (see options)

     * Screen of quality and visibility
     * Battery charge indicator
     * Digital speedometer
     * Power button lights / screen backlight

Sensor de Velocidad
Speed sensor. Its installation is essential for the operation of the central motor.
It allows to use the motor without pedaling. Optional installation