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BPM LCD5-HIC e-bike Motor Kit 36v. 17.5 Ah. FT battery

The new BPM lcd hic (hidden integrated controller) is our latest addition to the field of kits. The controller is integrated into the battery holder. With waterproof connections simplifies the installation of the controller and provides greater resistance to water. The BPM lcd5 hic kit with 36v ft battery. 17 ah. Will allow you to travel distances of up to 100 km with electrical assistance.

849,00 EUR
(VAT included)

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PLATINIUM LCD5 KIT +FT Battery 36v. 17 Ah.

Battery Set FT  36 V. 17 Ah + Charger

  • Specially designed to be placed in the hollow of the bottle cage.
  • Weight 3.25 kg.
  • Size: 36X9 cm.
  • Nominal Voltage:  36 v.
  • Amperage: 17 Ah.
  • discharge rate: 2C nominal, 3C max.
  • Smart Charge: Charge ratio 1.8 Ah
  • Cells: Panasonic
  • Warranty: 1 year

500 watt. BPM motor   AKA "The Climber"

This is our popular BPM - CST Motor (also known as "The Climber"). Inside the high-quality aluiminium case there is a geared 500 watt. motor. Plenty of power and fun to climb up-hills and for off-road use.

Together with 22 A controller and LCD5 control pannel, can deliver up to 800 watt. peak power.

This motor is powerful when needed, but glentle and silen in normal use. Your bicycle will still be a bicycle.

CicloTEK BPM-CST is available in the folowing configurations (please, select yours when ordeing):
  • Rear Motor 135 mm. Treath sproket, 20" rim..
  • Rear Motor 135 mm. Cassette sprocket,  26,27.5 or 28 rim.
All motors are spoked in high-quality double wall rims, and with reinforced 12G spokes.

All motors are disck brake compatible.

Max. speed at 36v. is 33 km/h. Actual speed, with full charged battery (42v.) is about 36 km/h..

The motor have internal cluch. When not powered, the motor does not offer any resistance to normal pedaling. So you can turn it on and off when you need it.

  • Motor type: Brushless geared.
  • Nominal voltage: 36v.            
  • Torque: 52  nm
  • RPM: Depening of RIM size (see table)
  • Nominal Powerl: 500  watt.
  • Watterproof connection for easy maintenance.
  • Weight, including rim: 5 Kg. aprox. 
  • Dimmensions
LCD5 HIC Electronic SET: Standard included

Motor Controller HIC (Integrated in the battery support)
High quality controller. Micro-controller operated, it is specially programed to deliver power, but with a natural pedaling feeling. Start-ups are soft and progresive, but power is delivered effectively when needed. Industrial - gade 6 MOSFET configuration.
22  A: (max power 800 watt.): Waterproof conections.
  • Nominal Voltage: 36v.  
  • Max. output (Amps): 15
  • Low voltage cut-off:l 31 v.
    • Available connections: Motor, PAS, BUS Wire (For throttle, brakes and, LCD pannel.

  • Bus wire from battery to controller
  • 90 cm length
  • Waterproof conections
  • Conections to the hadnle
    • Brakex (x2)
    • Throttle
    • LCD panel

LCD5 Control Pannel

LCD control for handle-bar. Five asistance levels to suit your riding style  or power preferences. Full of features: Three kinds of LCD panel
  • Standard LCD5 panel withouth USB output
  • Standard LCD5 panel with USB output
  • Plus LCD5 panel with USB output

P.A.S. Sensor
Detects pedaling carence and sends this information to the controller. Magnet disk diamenter is 65 mm.You can choose one of this types of PAS sensor (view the dropdown menu above):
  • Square Crank set axle
  • Square Crank set axle with easy system
  • Hollotech Crank set axle
LCD5 Electronic SET: Optional Items

Brake System

They will stop motor once activated. Its installationis extremely desirable but optional and mandatory if accelerator is installSquare Crank set axleed. (Drop-down view)
  • V-Brake Levers
  • Brake system for hidraulic discs

Allows to use the motor without pedalling. (Non CE road legal) Diferents type (view the dropdown menu above):
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Fist Throttle
  • Half fis Throttle (right)
  • Thumb Throttle PRO (rifght or left)