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FAT 500 LCD5-B.O.S. e-bike KIT + 17.5 Ah. FT Battery

The new kit fat 500 LCD5 b.o.s. is a specially designed and built for fats bike kit. Its 500 watts of nominal power ( 800 maximum ) make it ideal for this type of bicycle and journeys by sand, snow or the toughest conditions complement. His B.O.S. system means less vibration and more performance, thanks to its energy delivery sinusoidal waveform, allowing your conventional fat be transformed into an electric high-end fat e-bike. Its new LCD panel with 5 levels of assistance offers precise control of assistance and extra functions like temperature measurement or indication of immediate consumption. Kit with a 17.5 Ah. FT Battery

1.029,00 EUR
(VAT included)

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F400 LCD5-BOS KIT +FT Battery 36v. 17.5 Ah.

Battery Set  FT 36 V. 17.5 Ah + Charger

  • Specially designed to be placed in the hollow of the bottle cage.
  • Weight 3.25 kg.
  • Size: 36 X 9
  • Nominal Voltage:  36 v.
  • Amperage: 17.5 Ah.
  • Discharge rate: 2C nominal
  • Cells: Panasonic
  • Smart Charge: Charge ratio 1.8 Ah
  • Warranty: 1 year

Motor FAT CicloTEK 400 watt.

With its 500 watt. nominal power, 500 CicloTEK engine offers the perfect balance between weight and performance. In combination with the controller LCD5 B:O.S. 22 amp delivers up to 800 watts max.  power .
CicloTEK fat400 engine offers no resistance when pedaling is not active. So,  you can use your bike without running the engine if desired. When connected, operation is extremely smooth and quiet.
Rim 4 "and reinforced spokes. Available in 26" rear, with output for cassette sprockets and maximum speed of 33 km / h

* 36v speeds. with fully charged battery ( 42 v. ) these maximum speeds are higher.


  • Motor type: Brushless geared.
  • Nominal Voltage: 36v.            
  • Torque: 52 nm
  • Rim: 26" X 4"
  • For Screw Sprocket
  • Nominal power: 500 watt. ( 800 watt. peak)
  • Watterproof connector for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Weight: .5.6 Kg.
Electronic  LCD5-BOS : Included Standard

Controlador computerizado:

The new B.O.S. (Bicycle Optimised Sine-Wave) controller performs a new standard in progresive power output and efficiency.

Standard bicycle controllers are "Square Wave". This means that current is supplied to the motor at on/off intervals. The closer those intervals are, the faster the motor goes.
Sine-Wave controller supplies power to the motor in "wave" format, so power is increasing and decreasing softlty. There are many advantages in the Sine-wave controllers:
  •     Less motor noise.
  •     Longer motor life.
  •     Even softer start-ups and acceleration.
  •     More natural (bicycle-like) operation.
  •     Increased efficiency (about +5%)

LCD5-B.O.S. is driven by 9 industrial-grade MOSFET, design specally for FAT Bikers. Depending on the selected batttery set, the controller will be supplied with a bag of a rigid PVC box to fit it.

Available power output configurations are 17 A. (max power 7000 watt) This configuration will deliver full power from the motor, but battery drain will be higher in intensive use. Weight: 240 gr. Measures  8x.5x3 cm.

  • 22 A: Max power 700 watt : 
  • Measure 19X5X5 Cm.
  • Weight: 520  gr.
  • Nominal voltaje 36v.  
  • Max. amp.  22
  • Low voltage cut-off:l 31 v.
  • Available connections: Motor, battery, PAS, throttle, lights, brake, LCD pannel.

Pantalla LCD 5 BOS 5 niveles de asistencia
High-End LCD screen. Its big display area and extra-features makes this LCD5-B.O.S. sistem a dream for most e-bike users.

Standard Features:
  •     Graphic Battery indicator.
  •     Instant Speed.
  •     Odomoeter / Trip mileage.
  •     6 km/h. walk-along function.
  •     Backlight / bicycle light.
Extra features:
  •     Instant current (in AMPs reading).
  •     Battery voltage (in Volts).
  •     Cruise control.
  •     Ambient temperature thermometer.

P.A.S. Sensor
Detects pedaling carence and sends this information to the controller. Magnet disk diamenter is 65 mm.You can choose one of this types of PAS sensor (view the dropdown menu above):
  • Square Crank set axle
  • Hollotech Crank set axle

Brake System

They will stop motor once activated. Its installationis extremely desirable but optional and mandatory if accelerator is installed.

Allows to use the motor without pedalling. (Non CE road legal)