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Swing ELITE PLUS Tricycle (Black)

The "big brother " of our popular tricycle swing. A tricycle for adults with electric pedal assistance, now bigger and more equipped. Has an LCD panel with 5 assistance levels, power limiter (3 levels) and 10 Ah battery with Samsung cells. Wheels size is 24 "and 20" ( front / rear ) and Shimano sis with 6 speeds. See the extended features for more information.+

1.399,00 EUR
(VAT included)

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Recommended uses :

  • Delivery of goods in  cities
  • Transport industrial buildings, airports and car parks
  • Vehicle for people with reduced mobility or balance problems
  • Advertising promotions

  • New control panel with LCD and 5-level assistance. ( Pedal assist ) and 3 power levels
  • Maximum speed limit, very useful for special uses or users with special needs.
  • 6 Speed ​​Shift : suitable for multipurpose use in areas with slopes .
  • Larger wheels ( 24 " front, 20 " rear ), instead of 20 and 16 " standard ). greater stability and ride comfort .
  • Width of 730 mm. ( Passing through doors 80 cm. )
  • Fully equipped with comfortable saddle, lights, doorbell, front and rear basket, fenders, etc.

The  "swing" system

Tthanks to its unique system of rolling, this tricycle behaves almost like a normal bike when cornering. balancing can be locked to those who need absolute stability .

Tecnichal Feature

  • Motor : brushless, 250 watt. nominal 540 watt. maximum.
  • Intelligent controller with pedal assist (for sensor pas )
  • Lcd control, 5x3 levels of assistance .
  • Accelerator grip ( optional use ) .
  • Samsung cell battery 36v. 10 Ah .
  • Autonomy approx. 40 km .
  • Charging time: max. 5 hours.
  • Maximum speed: 15 km / h. ( Limitable ) .
  • Dimensions (length / height / width ), approx : 1780 x 104 x 73
  • Available colors : black .
  • Weight ( including battery) : approx. 30 kg .
  • Wheel size 24" / 20"
  • Frame: hi -ten steel reinforced .
  • Brakes ( front / rear ) : v -brake / roller brake
  • Handbrake (parking ) included.
  • Saddle height to floor : 78-98 cm.
  • Maximum weight admitted : 150 kg .
Very Importan:
  • Tricycle elite swing is supplied partially assembled (requires mounting the front wheel, place the handlebar and check the fit of steering and brakes. ). If you do not have sufficient technical knowledge, we recommend you go to a store or bike shop for tuning.
  • Tricycle has accelerator. its use is configurable. keep in mind that without using the accelerator pedal is not suitable for driving on public roads. we encourage you to report current legislation from your local authority before using this type of vehicle.


  Swing Tricycle (white)
Swing Tricycle is an exclusive, quality vehicle. Stable, fast, and very, very usefull. It enjoys improved stablity thanks to its exclusive balancing system. No more dangerous cornering as with standard tricycles. The balancing system can be locked from the handlebar for those people that require extra stability.
1.195,00 EUR
(VAT included)
  Soul SUVtricycle
The new Soul SUV trike combines a modern and minimalist image with a revolutionary industrial design. The two front wheels provide great stability, allowing you to see at all times the space we move, especially useful in narrow steps.
1.295,00 EUR
(VAT included)