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Swing Tricycle (white)

Swing Tricycle is an exclusive, quality vehicle. Stable, fast, and very, very usefull. It enjoys improved stablity thanks to its exclusive balancing system. No more dangerous cornering as with standard tricycles. The balancing system can be locked from the handlebar for those people that require extra stability.

1.195,00 EUR
(VAT included)

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It is equiped with a light 36 v./10 amp. litium battery. It is key locked and can be detached for the tricycle for easy charging at home of office. This batery can be used about 1000 cycles.
Swing tricycle can be easily modified for profesional or adversisement promotions. It can be used for:
  • - City deliveries and shopping.
  • - Transport of goods and person in big industrial areas, airports or parkings.
  • - Handicaped people that love going out!

It is equiped with a sofisticaded Pedal Asistance system, as well as a motorbike type (no pedaling required) trhottle.


- Color: White.
- Wheel Size: 20"
- Sadle Height: 98 cm., máx. 78 cm. min.
- Weight (no battery): 27 kg.
- Battery weight: 4,5 kg.
- Frame: High resistance steel. Wheels: Alumium.
- Brakes: Front: v-brake. / Rear. band brake.
- Regenerative braking.
- Dimensions: 160 L x 100 h x 53 w (cm)
- Rear basket dimensions: 45 l x 38 w x 25 h. (cm)
- Max. user weight: 150 kg.
- Made in China under CicloTEK specifications.
- It is supplied totally monted.
Technical Specifications:

- Litium Polymer Battery 36 v. 10 Amp., 4,5 kg.,
  (1000 cicles life)
- Intelligent charger (charges from 1 to 5 hour)
- Max. Speed 18 km./h.
- Mileage: higher than 30 km.
- Brushless front motor de 250 watt. Eficiency >80%
- BPA controller 10 amp.
- Hall PAS sensor.
- Motor bike type (no pedaling required) thottle.
- Parking brake.
- 2 Year Guarantee (batt. and charger 6 month)
- CicloTEK Swing and its battery has CE safety approval.


  Soul SUVtricycle
The new Soul SUV trike combines a modern and minimalist image with a revolutionary industrial design. The two front wheels provide great stability, allowing you to see at all times the space we move, especially useful in narrow steps.
1.295,00 EUR
(VAT included)
  Swing ELITE PLUS Tricycle (Black)
The "big brother " of our popular tricycle swing. A tricycle for adults with electric pedal assistance, now bigger and more equipped. Has an LCD panel with 5 assistance levels, power limiter (3 levels) and 10 Ah battery with Samsung cells. Wheels size is 24 "and 20" ( front / rear ) and Shimano sis with 6 speeds. See the extended features for more information.+
1.399,00 EUR
(VAT included)